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The TPAQ-27™ Express Personality Profile

Assess your candidate’s emotional intelligence, resilience, integrity, industriousness, and the Big five personality traits in around 10-15 minutes (108 questions).

The TPAQ-27™ Express Personality Profile test details

Measures key personality traits and behavioural dispositions

Untimed. Typically takes around 10 minutes

108 questions

Designed for all sectors

High-volume recruitment, early stage screening, routine recruitment

Apprentices, graduates, professionals, managers, senior executives

The TPAQ-27™ Express Profile is suitable for:


High Volume Recruitment

Typically taking 10 minutes to complete, the TPAQ-27 is a swift, accurate, and cost-effective behavioural sifting tool.


Using the TPAQ-27 for high volume screening helps lower costs, save time and reduce the administrative burden on your HR team.


Early Stage Screening

The TPAQ-27 measures the essential behavioural traits which underpin top performance in a wide variety of roles.

By using the TPAQ-27 early stage, you ensure that each candidate moving forward shows the desired behavioural traits and meets a minimum level of individual-job fit.


Routine Recruitment

The TPAQ-27 provides a cheap and effective way to identify high performers for routine recruitment processes (i.e. graduate and apprentice schemes).


Using the TPAQ-27 for routine recruitment ensures only those showing sufficient individual-job, or individual-culture fit progress through the process and are selected to join the organisation.

Keyboard and Mouse

Modern adaptive tests for the digital age

Hiring the right people is the most important thing your organisation will do.

Test Partnership applies cutting-edge predictive data science to hiring, and allows you to benefit from decades of research through our psychometric test tools.

Bring your selection process into the digital age with our fully mobile-responsive tests.

Bar Chart

Fair and inclusive selection

For improved diversity and inclusion, Test Partnership has optimised all our tests to achieve industry-beating low adverse impact.

All our tests are designed to identify high-performance whilst minimising adverse impact. We achieve this by trialling and re-trialling against tens of thousands of participants from all backgrounds.

The Test Partnership Adaptive Questionnaire (TPAQ™)

Personality traits hold enormous sway over our potential productivity at work. In virtually all roles, personality questionnaires are useful predictors of future performance, making them invaluable selection tools.

The TPAQ™ is a next-generation, computer adaptive online personality questionnaire, designed to accurately measure key personality traits quickly, accurately and fairly, all while providing an exceptional candidate experience.

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