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  • Can I see some free samples before I buy?
    Yes. Each individual test page has some free samples and you have to go to that specific page to see the free samples. For example, the free numerical tests are on the numerical page. There are also some on the other pages such as the verbal, inductive, diagrammatic, logical, situational judgement, in-tray, error-checking, critical thinking pages etc. Just navigate to the type of test you would like on our website and look for the free samples.
  • How difficult are your tests / what level of job selection tests do your tests replicate?
    The style and format of all employer ability tests are standardised and consequently our tests will almost certainly be of the same style and format. What does vary between employers and roles however is the difficulty. The difficulty of our tests spans from graduate scheme level to senior management level. If you are applying for something like a director's position at an accountancy firm, you will have to face the most difficult tests available and you will find our practice are easier than your real test. For most jobs however, our tests will cover the level of difficulty you will face for real.
  • Where do you get your tests from?
    Most of our questions are written by the same chartered occupational psychologists who write the real questions used by employers. The remainder are written by our in-house team after dissecting real employer aptitude tests. Either way, you can be sure of the accuracy and relevance of the practice tests contained on our site.
  • When will my welcome pack arrive?
    Skillmeasure's team will send you an electronic copy of the welcome pack as soon as the account has been verified, this can take up to 48hrs.
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