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Bespoke Assessments

If you can describe it we can measure it.

We make amazing bespoke assessments for all sorts of organisations, media publishers, and HR-tech ventures. We love building bespoke assessments grounded in real science and UX fundamentals


About Bespoke Assessments

Bespoke assessments are designed specifically to meet the needs of the commissioning organisation. Instead of using an existing test and hoping that it fits within your wider talent management strategy, bespoke assessments are designed from the outset to meet the needs of the commissioning organisation.


Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Mid-large sized organisations realise greater ROI when using bespoke assessments compared to off-the-shelf assessments. Naturally, creating assessments specifically for your business offers myriad benefits, which includes greater predictive validity, more inclusive testing, improved candidate experience, and increased test security.

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