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Perceptions™ Situational Judgement Test

Assess your candidates’ propensity towards effective judgement and decision making in a wide range of workplace relevant contexts.

Perceptions™ situational judgement test details

Measures judgement and decision making capability

Untimed. Typically takes around 30 minutes

60 questions

Designed for all sectors

Improve diversity and inclusion

Realistic scenarios

This situational judgement test is suitable for:


Moderate Volume Recruitment

Moderate volume recruitment poses many challenges, particularly regarding the balance between online automation and candidate experience.


SJTs provide a highly work-relevant and face-valid assessment, which can be administered online.


Mid-Stage Screening

Once the basic cognitive and behavioural traits have been accounted for in the selection process, SJTs are a logical next step.


By using SJTs mid-process you ensure only those suited to autonomous work are progressed to the expensive interview or assessment centre stages of the process.


Moderate-Stakes Recruitment

In roles that involve a reasonable degree of autonomy and decision making, situational judgement ability becomes essential.


SJTs provide a straightforward, work-place relevant assessment of overall situational judgement ability, which can be make or break in autonomous roles.

Keyboard and Mouse

Modern adaptive tests for the digital age

Hiring the right people is the most important thing your organisation will do.

Test Partnership applies cutting-edge predictive data science to hiring, and allows you to benefit from decades of research through our psychometric test tools.

Bring your selection process into the digital age with our fully mobile-responsive tests.

Bar Chart

Fair and inclusive selection

For improved diversity and inclusion, Test Partnership has optimised all our tests to achieve industry-beating low adverse impact.

All our tests are designed to identify high-performance whilst minimising adverse impact. We achieve this by trialling and re-trialling against tens of thousands of participants from all backgrounds.

Introducing the Perceptions™ Suite of Situational Judgement Tests

Situational judgement is essential to performance in any role with significant personal autonomy. In these roles, situational judgement tests (SJTs) are useful predictors of future performance, making them valuable selection tools.

The Perceptions™ suite of SJTs are next-generation online assessments, designed to accurately measure situational judgement ability quickly, accurately and fairly, all while providing an exceptional candidate experience.

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