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Ethos™ Behavioural Styles (S): Strengths

Assess your candidates' key character strengths in around 15 minutes.

The strengths questionnaire test details

Measures key traits and behavioural dispositions

Untimed. Typically takes around 15 minutes

161 questions

Designed for all sectors

High-stakes recruitment, personal development, coaching, talent analytics

Apprentices, graduates, professionals, managers, senior executives

The strengths questionnaire is suitable for:



Culture fit can make or break employing organisations, especially those with firmly established organisational cultures.


Identifying a person’s character strengths can ensure congruence between the values of the organisation and the behavioral dispositions of the candidates.



Behavioural misfit at the role level often results in low levels of employee satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately performance.


Ensuring that staff have complementary character strengths helps to achieve role-fit, and thus avoid the problems associated with role-misfit



Designing high-performing, inclusive, and close-knit teams is a challenge for even the most experienced managers.


By measuring character strengths you can ensure proper team composition from a behavioural perspective, minimising conflict and maximising cooperation.

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For improved diversity and inclusion, Test Partnership has optimised all our tests to achieve industry-beating low adverse impact.

All our tests are designed to identify high-performance whilst minimising adverse impact. We achieve this by trialling and re-trialling against tens of thousands of participants from all backgrounds.

The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (S): Strengths

Strengths are the underlying behavioural characteristics which allow us to thrive in the correct environment. Strengths cover a wide range of different behavioural traits, and each person exhibits a different combination of integral strengths. When recruiting for strengths, you ensure that staff hold the key behavioural indicators which underpin performance, well-being, and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

The strengths questionnaire employs modern item response theory psychometric (IRT) modelling, the latest research findings in the field of behavioural assessment. It is designed to accurately measure the traits which underpin a person’s character strengths, both fairly and accurately, all while providing an exceptional candidate experience.

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