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Ethos™ Behavioural Styles (R): Remote Working

Assess your candidates' behavioural suitability to remote working in around 10 minutes.

The remote working questionnaire test details

Measures key traits and behavioural dispositions

Untimed. Typically takes around 10 minutes

90 questions

Designed for all sectors

High-stakes recruitment, personal development, coaching, talent analytics

Apprentices, graduates, professionals, managers, senior executives

The remote working questionnaire is suitable for:


Home-based staff

Working from home (WFM) provides a plethora of benefits to staff, but along with these benefits also come challenges.


It is essential that WFM staff are particularly self-sufficient, and are able to manage their motivation, workload, and stress levels independently.


Junior Freelancers / Agency Staff

Often, freelancers and agency staff are employed remotely, never physically meeting the organisation that pays them.


Ensuring that freelancers are well suited to remote working can be essential to the success of a project, avoiding harmful attrition during critical times



Telecommuting to virtual offices provides many of the benefits of remote working, while also retaining a physical address.


However, telecommuting still requires a greater level of self-sufficiency than traditional office working, and thus places different demands on staff.

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The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (R): Remote Working

Remote working provides staff with unparalleled flexibility, vastly improving work-life balance while also minimising the time, money, and stress associated with commuting. However, remote work does inevitably minimise face-to-face social interaction with colleagues, which can be uncomfortable for the highly extraverted. Similarly, without direct managerial supervision, less focused or motivated staff may find their performance waning while working remotely.

The Ethos Behavioural Styles Questionnaire (R) has been designed to measure the key traits which determine whether or not a person will thrive while working remotely. In particular, it investigates the behavioural dispositions that underlie independence and self-sufficiency, which is essential while working remotely. This ensures that new hires will view remote working positively, and thus will thrive in a remote working environment.

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